United Pro Citrus

  • Citrus based cleaner
  • Cleans greasy machinery, trucks and equipment as well as grease stained concrete
  • Natural product with the aroma of fresh oranges
  • No caustics or butyls, completely biodegradable
  • Available in low foam for use in automatic floor scrubbers and parts washers


Walter Chemical Tools

  • Gold Matrix™ High Strength Water-Based Cleaner/Degreaser
  • Welders Spatter Block™ in liquid trigger spray bottles or drums, aerosol cans and gel.
  • Spatter Block™ HT Superior protection at high temperatures
  • Penetrating lubricants and Metal Cutting lubricants

Welding Aids and Cleaners

  • Dynaflux Crack Check, Penetrant and Developer
  • Stainless Heat Tint Remover
  • Aluminum Weld Cleaner and Prep
  • Weld-Aid Mig Wire Lube and Tip Dip


United Pro Wash

  • High performance road film detergent designed for vehicle cleaning, painted aluminum and fiberglass surfaces, excellent on vinyl or aluminum siding
  • A blend of special surfactants and agents preventing redeposit, result in aggressive cleaning without brushing even in hard water
  • Provides excellent rinsing properties with a spot-free finish, effective in both hot and cold water USDA authorized and contains no caustics or butyls
  • Drum kit available - use your water to save money

Abrasives & welding