Abrasives & welding

United Pro Series Maintenance Welding

  • 8899-CC Cool Cast (finest cast iron repair electrode)
  • 7068-SP Pro Steel (welds any analysis of steel)
  • Quality comparable to Certanium-Cronatron, Eutectic at a fraction of the cost

Mild Steel/Carbon Steel wire and rod

  • 45% Silver braze wire
  • 56% Silver braze wire
  • 15% Silphos
  • 5% Silphos
  • Silver Solder
  • PhosCopper
  • Cadmium free alloys
  • Nickel bearing alloys
  • Brazing Fluxes

Mild Steel/Carbon Steel wire and rod

  • 70S-6 spools and cut lengths all diameters
  • E71T-1 flux cored spools all diameters
  • AWS specification with certs
  • Copper and Nickel based alloys
  • Hardfacing

Welding Supply

Gun Assemblies, Consumables, Service Parts

  • Profax Air Cooled Mig & Flux Core Guns
  • Water Cooled Mig & Flux Core Guns
  • TIG Torches & accessories
  • Spool Guns & Controls
  • Plasma Torches & consumables
  • Victor, Western, and Bluestar cutting
    ​equipment & regulators

Industrial Welding Supply

United is your source for industrial welding supplies. Call us at (800)532-9353 for your welders supply and consumables like these:

Aluminum filler metal, stainless steel alloys, nickel alloys, silver & copper alloys, hard surfacing, tool steel alloys, metal cored wire, carbon steel, mild steel wire, flux cored wire, maintenance alloys, filler metals, mig, tig, stick electrodes, brazing and cutting rods, mig guns, tig torches, contact tips, nozzles, collets, collet bodies, power cables, water cables, gas cables, liners, cutting torches, cutting tips, twin welding hose, tungsten electrodes, 2% thoriated, 2% ceriated, pure tungsten, lanthinated tungsten, oxygen regulators, acetylene regulators, flow meters, co2 regulators, compressed gas fittings, welding cable, ground clamps, electrode holders, anti spatter compound, welding helmets, plasma consumables, flash back arrestors, carbon arc torches, cover lens, filter plates, cylinder carts, chipping hammers, water recirculators, valves, fire blankets, fluxes, protective clothing, procon pumps, compressed air fitting and more!  

Stainless Steel welding wire and rod

  • 308 LSI spools & cut lengths all diameters
  • 309 LSI spools & cut lengths all diameters
  • 316 LSI spools & cut lengths all diameters
  • Nickel Alloy
  • Flux cored LT-1, LT-0
  • AWS specification with certs

Aluminum welding wire and rod

  • 4043 spools & cut lengths all diameters
  • 5356 spools & cut lengths all diameters
  • All aluminum alloys mig, tig & electrodes
  • AWS specification with certs
  • 4043 3/64 x 1# spool $3.59 each / 20 case