United Abrasives & Welding provides high quality chemical supplies. Call us to purchase chemical supplies like coolants, lubricants, spatter release liquid, degreaser, cutting lubricants and surface cleaners. 

United Abrasives & Welding supplies welding alloys and filler metals, abrasives products for the metalworking and woodworking industries, safety equipment and chemicals.

We offer top of the line quality, competitive pricing, fast delivery, personalized service and customized stocking programs. You can depend on us to work with you in finding a cost effective high quality abrasive and welding supply product that best meets your needs. We strive to rise above our competitors in backing the products we distribute, 100%. Our goal is to provide our customers guaranteed satisfaction.

Providing high quality abrasives products and welding supplies

Abrasives & welding


United Abrasives & Welding provides high quality welding supplies like electrodes, welding tips, spool gun parts, mig guns & parts, plasma torches & parts and other welding accessories.


 United Abrasives & Welding provides high quality safety equipment and supplies like welding helmets, safety glasses, welding gloves, respirators and ear plugs. We carry welding safety brands like 3M Safety, Jackson and Steiner.


United Abrasives & Welding provides high quality abrasives like Walter Abrasives, grinding wheels and cutters, Carborundum sanding disks, belts, wheels and SAIT abrasive discs and wheels.